【2019 Arashiyama, Kyoto】5 temples and shrines with beautiful autumn leaf!

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Autumn is the season of autumn leaf.

I introduce some of best spots for autumn leaf in Arashiyama this time!

What’s Arashiyama like?

It has been known as a famous spot for autumn leaves since the Heian period (794-1185). 

Many people from around the world have visited and have been selected as one of the Autumn leaf spots ranking of Japan.

Autumn leaf season (typically mid-November to early December) is particularly crowded, but its beauty is worth seeing. 

This time I will tell you what it really like and recommended sightseeing routes!


【5selections of beautiful Temples and Shrines with autumn leaves】


First I headed for Tenryu-ji near the station.

Tenryu-ji is one of Kyoto’s typical temples, which is registered as a World Heritage Site.

In the past, Togetsu Bridge and Kameyama Park that spreads out to the west of Tenryu-ji were also in this precinct.

The highlight of Tenryu-ji is “Sogen pond garden”, which is designated as a National Historic Site and a Special Place of scenic Beauty.

At the time of autumn leaf season, stunning autumn leaves reflect on the pond and you can enjoy magnificent reflection.


Nonomiya shrine

I left Tenryu-ji and head toward the bamboo groves.

Nonomiya shrine located near the narrow path of the bamboo grove is a sacred place where the princess serving shrine cleansed and its situation is depicted in the Tale of Genji.

And this shrine is worshiped from all over the country as a god of marriage, a god of childbirth and easy delivery.

It is saod that a wish will be fulfilled within one year if you pray while rubbing the stone “Okame-ishi(stone)” near the Nonomiya Daikokuten.



Next, I head toward north a little to Nison-in.

“Nison-in” mean a shrine that is enshrine the Buddha of “Shaka-Nyorai” and “Amida-Nyorai”, and is officially called “Ogurayama Nison-in Keidai-ji”.

The approach to the shrine is so wide that horses can run through it so it is called “Riding Ground of Autumn Leaf”.

As you head toward the main hall of temple, you will be greeted by beautiful red leaves.


I didn’t visit this day, but the autumn leaf of Jojakko-ji near Nison-in is also famous.

Jojakko-ji is located on the middle of Mt.Ogura with beautiful autumn leaf.

The temple was named after the areas resemblance to “Jojakkodo” (the land in which Buddha’s reside as described in the Lotus Sutra).

You can enjoy a panoramic view of the city from the precincts and around the Tahoto.

The photo are from the fresh green season, but you’ll be excited about think that its photo’s leaves will turn red, isn’t it?



Then, I go further north and go to Giou-ji.

Giou-ji is a thatched hut surrounded by bamboo groves and maple leaves.

It also appeared in the tale of Heike, and Giou received the love of Kiyomori Taira. However, it is known as Nunnery of Love that Giou who had to leave the city due to Kiyomori’s change of mind, left with her mother and sister.

When I visit this temple, I feel like a little to straighten my back.

The temple is usually famous for moss, but you can enjoy the fallen autumn leaves that fallen on this moss during the autumn leaf season.

Impression that I visited, Reviews

Recommended point


The beauty of Arashiyama’s autumn leaves which has been known as a famous place for autumn leaves, words couldn’t be describe it.

Around noon, there are so many people that it s difficult to cross Togetsu Bridge , but there are relatively few people at a distance from the station such as Giou-ji, so you can enjoy the autumn leaves slowly.


Recommended sightseeing route


Since the autumn leaf season is surprisingly visited by many people. So best visit time is during the early morning.

Arashiyama located on the west side of Kyoto, is the first of all in the morning sun and the most beautiful in the early morning.

Visit the crowded temples around the station such as Tenryu-ji near the station, and then you should visit the temple in the recesses of the mountain where there are relatively few people.

In addition, I recommend that make an early reservation because lunch is expected to be crowded.


If your heart broke off by crowd of people of Togetsu Bridge, I recommend you will go to Senkou-ji on the south side of Katsura river.

The mountain climbing is a little be hard but you can see the superb view of Rankyo from the top of the mountain.

When I went, I was lucky enough to see the rainbow in addition to the superb view.

There is also a temple that is illuminated at night like Hougon-in.

If you have stayed in Kyoto that day and you have enough time, please go there.

Congestion is expected, but quietly illuminated autumn leaves have a different beauty from daytime.


Facility information and Location



Time  8:30~17:00

※Opening at 7:30 with early morning worship during the autumn leaves.

Fee  Garden admission fee 500yen for high school students or older, elementary school students 300yen

※You have to additional 300yen for worshiping at structures and 500yen for separate fee at “Unkai-zu(sea of clouds picture)” of Hatto(lecture hall).


Source:Tenryu-ji website

「Nomiya shirine」


Time     9:00~17:00

Fee     Free of charge


Source:Kyoto travel website



Time     9:00~16:30

Fee     Junior high school students or older:500yen

        Children(12 and under):free of charge

Source:Nison-in website



Time     9:00~17:00 (Last admission is at 16:30)

Fee     500yen


Source:Jojakko-ji website



Time     9:00~17:00 (Last admission is at 16:30)

Fee     300yen


Source:Giou-ji website



Time     10:00~16:00

Fee     400yen


Source:Senkou-ji website



Autumn special viewing period     October 5~December 8, 2019

Time     9:00~17:00

Fee     500yen

(※Lighting up and night special viewing  November 8~December 1 17:00~20:30 Fee:600yen)


Source:Hougon-in website


Kyoto is very crowded during the autumn season, so I recommend that you access by train.

・It takes about 20 minutes to Saga-Arashiyama station on the JR Sagano Line from Kyoto station.


・Approximately 50 minutes from Osaka Umeda if you will take the Hankyu Line.

Transfer to Hankyu Arashiyama Line at Katsura station, but the station platform is outside so you should keep warm!


There are many other famous places for Arashiyama’s autumn leaf.

Let’s enjoy the fall foliage while consulting with budget and physical fitness!

Don’t forget to make a reservation for the famous Sagano Romantic Tram because reservations are required!

And autumn Kyoto can get very cold so you should wear something warm.

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